It can be quite difficult for a writer to get back into the rhythm of writing, especially if you are like me and have taken a hiatus for a long period of time. Perhaps you haven’t written anything, or you have only written something sporadically. Whatever your reason, getting back into writing, even if you are passionate about it, can sometimes be a little frustrating. Staring at that blank page in front of you, swearing at that cursor that simply blinks at you endlessly.

A schedule, you say? You have to schedule your writing? Yes! It’s so important to set aside a piece of time in your hectic schedule just to sit down and throw ideas around. Even if it’s just jotting down disjointed ideas, which you can flesh out at a later time. You don’t have to pinpoint a specific time to sit down at your desk, or with your laptop, if you’re not able to. Believe me, when your crazy life is running around with work, school, or family, you may not be able to be able to do so.

Maybe you can get up a little earlier than you’re used to, if you’re a morning person. Which I’m not. Horns would emerge from my hairline and steam would roll out. So maybe you can stay up a little later in the evenings. Or, instead of heading out for lunch grab a sandwich, hit that keyboard and get that creativity going!

Practice, as silly as it may sound to some, is key! For me, I have set up my own challenge and will be attempting to write out and publish here a #FridayFlash every Friday. And if I see a writing challenge that interests me, I will not let it go unanswered. Unless, of course, it’s Al’s Fantasy in the Cage, where I will then run hiding in the corner, shaking. Okay, maybe not, but still. The point is, get those words out! Will they all be amazing words of wisdom that everyone will shake their head at in disbelief (I am blonde, you know). Perhaps not, but it will be something!

And it will inspire you to continue writing and soon you’ll have fewer problems with that blasted cursor mocking you on that white page.

Write on, my friends!