Where are you?  When an idea, a plot, or a character makes their presence known, how does it strike you?  Because, let’s face it, while some ideas come to us while we’re overtly trying to be in that writer’s mindset, sometimes out of nowhere it will come flying up and smack you upside the head.  Depending on the character, sometimes it might smack you a few times.

For me, ideas always pop into my head right when I’m trying to fall asleep.  The process of falling asleep has always taken me about 15 to 30 minutes, as my brain actively attempts to fill dead space (insert proper blonde joke here) with random thoughts or plot lines.

While I was on my writing hiatus, I usually cursed these random thoughts and pounded my pillow in frustration as I tried to fall asleep.  Now, however, I accept these intervals with open arms.  I just accepted a cage match; I need all the help I can get!  But of course, if I don’t write these small ideas down, I tend to wake up with a vague recollection that I had a great plotline come to me.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall exactly what that plotline was.    I don’t have a bedside table with a lamp, so for now I slip my phone under my pillow.  Set on vibrate of course, otherwise the random twitter and email beeps would wake me up.  If an idea comes at me, then I reach for it, and use the notepad function on it to jot a few lines down, or key words, to help me remember in the morning.

So do you keep a notepad with you wherever you go?  Or are you one of those truly disturbing individuals who can keep track record mentally of the exact ideas until later?

Where are you when inspiration strikes?