Cancer.  The very word strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest souls.  It does not discriminate.  It does not point a finger at certain people and say, “You!”  It does not care about race, gender, wealth, or social status.  It does not even care if whom it strikes next is human or animal.

It would be very rare for someone to be able to say that they have not been touched by Cancer in some way in their lives.  If there is that person, I would live gratefully with that knowledge.  For most of us however, it has touched our lives more than we could ever want.  We have held the hands of friends, our loved ones, and even cradled the occasional pet, as we struggle against this treacherous disease that sneaks in and crashes our world around us.

This Friday, I am doing my part to help raise money to find a cure for this strickening heartache.  Please visit my donations page and help me raise our voices against Cancer.  Together, we can help find a cure and one day soon be able to say that while Cancer may still touch our lives, it does not take our loves away from us.  You may make a small donation, or purchase a luminary in honor of someone who has beaten Cancer, or in memory of someone who has lost their battle with Cancer.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you in advance for understanding my tweets this week as I attempt to raise funds to help find a cure for this wretched disease.

Please visit my page here – Janelle Jensen’s Relay 4 Life