His wings outstretched, the bird alighted on the branch that twisted towards the sky.  The long forked tail, which had been spread open and lowered to slow his landing, eased closed and tilted out to assist him in keeping his balance on the tiny perch.  Glossy black feathers shimmered in the sun as he tilted his head and looked down at the large beast below him.

As he watched, the bird marveled at the strength and power of such an animal.  The vague outline of its shape became clearer as it moved forward.  The trunk that had been searching and uprooting the grass lifted for a moment as it looked around at the other members of its family.  Massive feet shuffled through the bush, and the bird suddenly dove for the insects that rose from the interruption.  With his belly full after following the herd for nearly a day, the bird flew towards home and the nest he shared with his mate.

The young elephant shook its great ears and wondered, not for the first time, what it would be like to have the freedom of the bird that soared off through the sky.