Happy Holidays from all of us at Wolf Park to you!

Dharma howls

I have the utmost honor of volunteering at Wolf Park in Indiana.  Among the extended family I have been gifted with there are Laura Frank-Hale and Dee Hull.  They are the assistant volunteer managers at the park, but in reality are so much more.  They are beautiful, smart, and hilarious women that bring special holiday cheer to the park.

Below you can find their twist on a holiday classic.  You see, even wolves may dream of a jolly fat man bringing them gifts. Without further ado, I present to you their version of…

 Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Wolf Park Twist)

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the park,
Not a creature was howling, just the wind thru the dark.
All the interns were nestled in IRV in their beds,
While visions of sugared guts danced in wolves heads.

When out in the lot there arose such a clatter,
I ran out of the building to see what was the matter
When what to my wondering eyes would appear?
But a big ol fat dude, dropping off eight tiny reindeer.

The yotes were wondering with a gleam in their eyes
Has he brought us some chickens, or nice bunny thighs?

He unloaded the carcasses, and we started chopping
Haunches and innards, and heads we’re a lopping!
Their eyes how they bulged like their fat bloated bellies.
Their blood on the ground congealed just like fruit jellies!

The deer were a pile of fat bucks and does
and one with a glowing, red, oversized nose.
We saved it aside in a small pizza box,
Knowing that would be a holiday treat for a fox.

We bundled the deer parts off into the bins,
5 pounds per wolf showing big toothy grins.
Loaded into the truck like Santa’s own sleigh,
To bring carnivorous gifts on this holiday.

Round the Park we traveled with the Christmas time gifts
Heaving haunches and torsos with just the right lift.
Up over the fence flew the intestines and livers,
Spraying fluids and joy, met with happy wolf quivers!
The wolves were excited and dancing with joy,
As deer parts rained down for each wolf girl and boy!

Such crunching and munching rang through the cold air
With tearing and licking the blood from the hair!
Fresh meat steaming gently like a warm figgy pudding
To be cached away, cached away for a snack in the morning.

Their tummies were full and their attitudes right.
The canids settled in for the cold winter night,
They turned noses to sky, their mouths opened just so,
They howled ‘thank you dear Santa and Ho Ho Ho Ho!’