Some of you know that I have had some education issues weighing on my mind.  For some time now I have doubted my choice to move forward in a career choice.  I had actually decided on proceeding in obtaining two different degrees.  I began with the idea that if the economy ever tanked worse than it already has, I would need an educational backup degree/certificate to fall back on.  A degree in a career industry with high demand.  So, after some discussions with a good friend of mine, I decided to pursue a certificate as a physical therapy assistant.  I also decided to pursue a second degree in the field of wildlife biology/ethology that highly interests me in.

However, lately I have been having second thoughts about pursuing a course of education  which, although the field itself is interesting, I do not have a passion for.  So after much internal deliberation, I have decided to forgoe the pursuit of the physical therapy assistant certificate.  And, perhaps not surprisingly, once I made that decision a weight that I had not realized had become heavier over time suddenly lifted off of my shoulders.  I’ve haven’t taken any time off of school, including last summer, so I made the decision that I would take the entire summer off and dropped my summer classes.  Another weight – gone!

And in case I had any doubts about the wisdom of not pursuing this career in high demand, once I dropped a class in the fall I no longer needed, I immediately found a English class that I did need, taught by a teacher I had last summer, whom I adored!  Is it fate, are the planets aligning (well they did in Australia recently), or is it just high time I decided to go after only things I truly have passion for?  Perhaps it is a combination of events.  This will give me more time to allot to doing things in my life that I just haven’t had the time for.  Such as writing more!