When I first created my twitter account back in early February of 2009, I didn’t really see the big deal of the entire tweeting experience.  I was on facebook, I saw what people were doing throughout their days.  So what was the big deal with this Twitter?  “Bah!” I thought.  So one person could say exactly what they were doing throughout their days?  Sitting on their porch, eating a meal, taking their kids to school (except for some way cool mom who enriches their kids with music like Pantera, Nirvana, and Queen – Jennifer Gracen, you know who you are!)…But I digress, how interesting could it be?  And really, how uninteresting would I be?  Would anything I had to say be at all something others would be interested in seeing?  My answer was a resounding “No!”

I successfully stayed away from twitter, dismissing it casually as I communicated instead with people on facebook.  And then, one day a dear friend asked me if I was on twitter.  “Nope,” was the answer.  But curiosity got its hooks firmly set into me and I checked.  Indeed, I did have a twitter account.  One I had promptly forgotten even existed.  I adored talking to my friend, Lilla Friend, nearly every day via texting.  But, alas, she lives in South Africa and my texting bill was wildly growing out of control.  So in order to keep in contact, via a less costly means, I tweeted my second tweet nearly two years after I had first joined.  Not even a week had gone by, and I knew I was in trouble.  Not only could I keep in touch with her, but so many other fascinating individuals!

There were so many interesting personalities on twitter.  I quickly followed as many as my favorite authors as I could.  Through various tweets I stumbled upon book review bloggers who were as fanatical about reading as I was.  Now I never really understood blogging.  I had never really followed blogging closely before. And yes, as I sit here writing a post for my blog, I do realize the irony.  And I found that people not only said what they were doing throughout their daily living, but they had entire conversations revolving around so many different topics!  The interactions between everyone was astounding.

And seeing all these thoughts and ideas flying through space back and forth inspired me to open up on twitter and simply be myself.  Having always been the shy, loner girl who was a quintessential geek in school with her nose stuck in a book, this was saying quite a bit.  Through all of these random meetings of new people and new groups, I somehow was supremely lucky enough to stumble upon the tweeting of Lisa Stull and Al Boudreau.  Instantly we bonded over Lisa’s delicious recipe of fresh berry crepes and Al’s drool-worthy mention of apple, caramel crepes.  I mean, really, who wouldn’t bond over that?  Since I had already been on twitter for a few months, I had delved into the many mentions of books, authors, and writers.  Seeing all of these tweets about these people had reminded me of a time long ago when I myself had sat down to the written word.  It was amazing how reminiscing turned into the want, no, the need, to write again.  And so, yes, I created my own blog.  I started it with the intent of sharing reviews of books I had read, photographs I had taken, and simply sharing my own individual thoughts.  This, I thought, will help getting my creative mind’s juices flowing again.  As it happened, both Lisa and Al were authors themselves and through them I was introduced to the crazy group of #pubwrite.  Pubwrite is a group who is so open and friendly, that anyone who dares to enter (or tries sneaking in, as I did) is immediately welcomed to the group and into any conversation that happens to be going on.  Virtual drinks are passed along and extra stools are always available so that any lost soul seeking to find themselves again can scoot up to the bar.  In joining the pubwrite crew, I not only immediately found some dear friends, but the inspiration I neeeded to pick up where my writing had left off.

The pubwrite crew is just one example of what can be found thriving within the twitterverse.  So many relationships can be found and grown within its limitless reaches.  You can find your niche in one group or many.  That’s up to you to decide.  You can find yourself within twitter, its special groups, and special individuals flitting in and out.  I know I did.  I know I still am.