Today I have an incredible, scrumptious treat for you!  The immensely talented L. M. Stull is my featured guest for this week’s #FridayFlash.  Her writing is beyond amazing, and let me tell you, the person behind the words is one of those rare individuals that you consider yourself truly blessed to count among your friends.

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Without further ado, Please enjoy Lisa’s writing.  I know I certainly did!

A Life of One-Night Stands
By L.M. Stull

Playfully, she extracted the tiny cocktail straw from her Cosmo and dragged it in and out of her mouth slowly.  Her not very subtle flirtations had me growing in excitement at what I’d like to do to her.  I was mesmerized.  She was probably in her mid-twenties, but I didn’t really care.  Never did, actually.  When you were after what I was, age didn’t matter.  Career didn’t matter.  A lean, tight body did.  She had that.

My imagination now running wild, I felt a sudden rush of  heat down in between my legs, so I turned to face the bar, my lap now conveniently hidden by the counter.  I signaled to the bartender and ordered another drink.

“At it again tonight, eh?”  Mark, the bartender was a bald, middle-aged wiseass, whom I had come to realize was jealous of my rather active sex life.

Ignoring him, I turned to look in the minx’s direction and found her now enjoying a plate of wings.  It was all you can eat wing night at Tony’s.  Delicately, she nibbled at the meat on the bone, her tongue darting out to savor the sauce that was slathered all over it, and I found myself wishing desperately to be that wing.  Her fingers now a mess, she proceeded to lick each and every one of them clean, taking special care not to rush the process.  I was loving every minute of her show.

My fantasy was interrupted by an incessant amount of coughing coming from the other side of the bar.  And it wasn’t just any normal cough, we’re talking about the loud, guttural kind.  I turned in disgust, trying to locate the the source of my distraction and was shocked at what I saw.

I couldn’t help but smile at the petite brunette.  Her black-rimmed glasses were now crooked from her coughing fit, and her pink cardigan stained from wing sauce that had obviously dribbled during her feast.  Chugging down a glass of water, she held her hand up, as if to signal for me to wait while she finished, and oddly, I did.

“Oh my god. I am so freaking sorry about that. I should have never ordered the extra spicy wings. I’m an idiot,” she wiped her hands on her jeans, exited her bar-stool and walked over to me, extending her hand, “and my name is Marie.”

I shook her sticky, child-like hand and stared into her baby blues.  Beneath all the mess, was actually a very attractive girl.  “Hi Marie, I’m Sam.  Pleasure to meet you.  Not a problem at all.  I was just, you know, worried when I heard all the noise you were making.  Didn’t want someone to go and die in Tony’s bar.”  It was a lie.  I had actually been really pissed at the distraction from my erotic thoughts, but somehow, looking at this innocent creature, I couldn’t care anymore.

“Right. Well, anyway it was nice to meet you.”  Her cheeks now a bright red, she turned and nearly tripped on the leg of the stool next to me, and once again held up her hand, “It’s okay, I’m going to make it.”

I found myself chuckling like a school boy, as she steadied herself and climbed back onto her chair.  This strangely common girl had sparked something in me I hadn’t felt in quite some time.  Shaking my head, I turned to check the status of the slutty blonde I had been fantasizing about earlier, and found that she had left, and I surprised myself – I didn’t care that she had.

For the first time in, well, I couldn’t remember, I didn’t try to make a woman leave with me that night.  Instead, I pushed my business card in Marie’s direction, lightly kissed her cheek and told her I’d like to take her out some time.  She nodded “yes” and smiled, revealing a piece of chicken that had become lodged in between her front teeth.

She reached down into her purse and extracted one of her own cards and handed it to me, “I’d really like that.”

I smiled back and lightly traced the side of her face, “I’ll see you tomorrow then, beautiful.”  With that, I turned and walked out of the bar.  Alone.  And humming.

Perhaps, this was the end of a lifetime of one-night stands.  Perhaps, I had just been waiting for my Marie.

L. M. Stull

During the day you will find her chained to a desk at a law firm. Yes, she works for lawyers. Now you understand why she writes about creatures . . . Boom! At night she channels her inner creative monster and writes (sorry, she doesn’t turn into a werewolf or anything).

Her debut paranormal romance novel, Memoirs of a Monkey, will be published by Black Kettle Publishing June 2011.

When she’s not writing or feverishly taking orders from attorneys, she laces up and runs (and sometimes drinks wine…yeah, okay maybe more than sometimes).

You can find (stalk) Lisa in so many delicious ways by following her on TwitterFacebookGoodreads, Fellow Writer’s Group on Facebook, her Book Club: Between the Lines and of course right here on her really cool Website (